Snom IP Desk Phone


Snom D120 Entry Level IP-Phone RM250.00
Snom D710 Business IP-Phone  RM410.00
Snom D715 Gigabit IP-Phone (Black/White) RM470.00
Snom D725 Business Gigabit IP-Phone  RM720.00
Snom D745 Advance Gigabit IP-Phone  RM810.00
Snom D735 Color IP-Phone (Black/White) RM680.00
Snom D765 Business Color IP-Phone  RM910.00
Snom D785 Advance Color IP-Phone (Black/White) RM990.00
Snom D7 Expansion Module (Black/White) RM560.00

*Price may change without prior notice.

Snom IP Conference Phone & Dect Phone


Snom C520 WiMi Conference IP-Phone + 2 Detachable Wireless Microphones  RM1,970.00
Snom C52SP Wireless External Speaker with Microphones RM990.00
Snom M215SC Base with High-performance DECT IP Phone  RM540.00
Snom M15SC High-performance DECT IP Phone  RM380.00

*Price may change without prior notice.

Snom Accessories


Snom PSU for all the IP-Phone RM70.00
Snom PSU for M200 Dect IP Base RM41.00
Snom PSU for M15 Dect IP Phone RM36.00
Snom A100M Wideband Monaural Headset with RJ9 Connector RM222.00
Snom A100D Wideband Binaural Headset with RJ9 Connector RM252.00
Snom ACUSB Adapter cable for USB devices RM192.00
Snom ACPJ adapter cable for 3.5mm jacks RM81.00
Snom ACPJ25 adapter cable for 2.5mm jacks RM81.00

*Price may change without prior notice.

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